I brought these stompeez

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When my daughter who is 5 years old was so excited about these new stompeez and how they come with a bag, first of all the bag broke as soon as she put her barbie dolls in them, the (unicorn) stompeez's eye lids went up for the first day then after that one one slipper worked, now they both don't work unless she stomps real hard on the floor to get the lids to pop open.This product I do not recommend to no-one waste of my money.....

I am not a happy camper about this product Not happy!!

Review about: Stompeez Quality.


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4 y/o daughter wanted "Be-Bop Bunny" for Christmas (style unavailable at ToysRUs).Had to buy direct from Stompeez.

What a buzz kill when my 4 y/o daughter realized her slippers were defective w/1 not moving at all when she walked. The color pn this style is not at all as bright and vibrant as advertised either (womder if the competition - Silly Slippeez - are any better?). I'm very leary of purchasing anything "As Seen on TV" but she really wanted them and Christmas is what it is. So I called Stompeez Customer Service - not only was my call received in a foreign country (after lingering in "Hold ***" for at least 5 mins.), I was told that my daughter woild habe to wait 3-6 wks.

for a replacement pair (which she wants) because the style is backordered - Hold time and order status lead me to believe we were not theonly recipients of defective slippers in this style.

I did try looking up info on the Srimpeez website before calling and a pop up window comes up saying "Would youchange your mind on return if we refunded $7.95?" - unfortunately, Stompeez cost $19.95 + shipping and my 4 y/o still has her heart set on having a replacement pair.

In short, Stompeez are overpriced and a hassle to deal wirh - consider the competiton brand "Silly Slippeez" or, if you do buy Stompeez, try buying a style available on ToysRUs because their Customer Service is better and returna ans replacements are processed in a more timely manner.DO NOT nuy Stimpwez as a preaent - that way, if you get a defecive pair it will not be such a let down for the young children its marketed toward.


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I also bought stompeez for my 4 yr old son and the mechanism to make them open was placed so far up(under arch of foot) that I would have to buy 2 sizes bigger in order for them to work


My 4 year old really wanted these and doesn't understand

Stompeez - Awful

Im trying to get a return label for my purchase. There is no one answering the phone

Stompeez - Need my slippers

First try to reach the company. Need a live person to talk with thank you.

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